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Website Creation

Glimmer Hair Salon

Glimmer Hair Salon I customized the templated website to perfectly align with the style and personality of a sassy, Latina stylist based in Dallas. My aim was to create a welcoming and simple website that would be easy to navigate for visitors. Leveraging HTML5 and CSS3, I skillfully adjusted various…


Axtonsbasscity.com I took on the full responsibility of designing, developing, and creating content for the website of Axton's Bass City, situated in Emory, Texas. To accomplish this, I employed HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Axton's Bass City is renowned for its exceptional fishing opportunities, thanks to its abundant bass population. Beyond…

L3 Communications

L3 Communications In a demanding timeframe, I assumed full responsibility for the design and development of a website intended for presentation at one of L-3 Mission Integration's international trade shows in the United Kingdom. The primary objective of the website was to showcase the Multi-Mission Aircraft (MMA), a retrofitted Bombardier…


Stylebycyn.com I created a website using HTML5 and CSS3 to elevate the hairdresser's business, focusing on her fun and edgy style. The website was designed to reflect her unique aesthetic and attract new clients by showcasing her innovative and trendy hairdressing services. Preview: www.stylebycyn.com When I decided I wanted to…

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